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CFA Technical Specifications

The main stage theater is a state-of-the-art, modified-proscenium theater, seating 484. It has an orchestra pit, significant wing space, and a loading dock. The stage has a full set of drapes, including sky syc, two scrims (one black, one natural) and a natural seamless drop. There is both a mid-stage and up-stage traveler in addition to the main house curtain. The plywood floor has a resilient underlayment appropriate for dance.


Sound can be controlled from a rear-of-the-house booth with the in-house 24-channel Soundcraft GB4 mixer. Lighting is controlled by a Phillips Strand board with DMX positions throughout the facility. There are two followspots.


Adjacent to the two performance spaces are dressing rooms, a makeup room and a scene shop. Also in in this facility are band and choir classrooms that can double as rehearsal and/or green rooms.


All spaces in the facility are linked by both a main-stage monitor system and intercom stations.


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The CUSD Center for the Arts is located at the Pleasant Valley High School campus at  1475 East Avenue, Chico, California.

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